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Re: Dusty (the next show)

Postby Sweetbaby » Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:30 am

ImageThank you for the review Jennifer - it is reassuring to know that the Dusty role remains in good hands if delegated to Tricia Adele-Turner. I should have realized that the critic in Bath Magazine was citing Dusty's hits as they appeared in the play: it might throw fans for the songs to be "sorted by relevance" rather than by date - and the one negative I perceived in the Telegraph review was that the "shoe-horning" of the songs was sometimes maladroit - but if these be faults they are IMHO unavoidable faults for a jukebox musical. Still I must remain enough of a purist so as to suggest that the show's program might have included a set-list giving the actual year of each song's release.

As far as the chances for a West End transfer - that step seems to be considered a given in the online mentions of the show. Certainly with such positive reaction I can't believe the show won't have another incarnation soon after the current "quickie tour" ends in two weeks: whether it will next play the West End or book new tour dates I imagine largely depends on venue availability.

I do have to mention that I share the concern raised by Donella over the portrayal of Kay O'Brien. The impression I have is that the show's storyline presents Dusty's esteem issues as a central conflict which she must deal with - eventually surmounting or at least coming to terms with - and her mother seems to have been made the personification of the negativity with which Dusty must grapple. That really doesn't jibe with anything I've read about Dusty - certainly not in DWD - and even if there's some truth in Dusty and Kay's relationship being less than ideal I'd have preferred that the musical showcase Dusty's issues in a way that didn't make any specific character a villain. Of course I'm cheering the show's success but as its ascendancy continues I hope for the opening of avenues for clarification as to what elements in Dusty's life have been amended for plot purposes - such as the characterization of Dusty's mother.
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Re: Dusty (the next show)

Postby donellac » Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:34 am

Thanks for your thoughts Sweetbaby. I'm glad you agree that Kay should not be made a villain. Possibly no-one else should be either.

As I have said, mother daughter relationships are complex and cannot be portrayed in simplistic terms. Kay O'Brien was human like the rest of us. I am sure she had her failings as a mother, but that doesn't make her poisonous. I don't believe she was. Pat's comment was that she found Kay 'sweet'.

Dusty's esteem issues were multi-faceted and cannot easily be explaned as having one simple cause.

Whilst the show is deemed a success, with most accolades going to Katherine Kingsley for her portrayal of Dusty, there is something currupt at its heart.
Donella x

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Re: Dusty (the next show)

Postby Kate » Sun Jul 15, 2018 6:20 pm

Second visit to see Dusty The Musical at the Sheffield Lyceum last night. The first visit saw Tricia Adele-Turner taking the leading role and whilst being initially disappointed when I found out, I thought her performance was excellent.
The acting and the singing was absolutely fabulous.
Last night Katherine Kingsley was everything you could ever want in a leading lady, simply spectacular. I really think she did Dusty justice. At times you forgot that it wasn't Dusty on the stage.
I went with friends who know Dusty's music but know little about her life. They loved it. They are definite fans now and are off to buy her music. They laughed and cried and were sympathetic to all characters. This performance has definitely introduced Dusty to a whole new legion of fans. Her memory will never fade.
I read your reviews and whilst it was uncomfortable at times to see the relationship between mother and daughter I felt it was necessary to try and explain the conflict that was evident throughout Dusty's life. I have an Irish, Catholic parent and can identify with the storyline.
Not sure what you mean by 'corrupt' Donellac. I thought the production was excellent and I can assure you that my friends came away with a positive understanding of the main characters and didn't see Kay as being portrayed as poisonous. In fact they loved her dry humour
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