R.I.P Nancy Wilson

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R.I.P Nancy Wilson

Postby Douggie » Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:39 am

Sadly I have to report that Nancy Wilson has passed on. She was born Nancy Sue Wilson born February 20th 1937 and died last Saturday December 13th 2018 she was 81 years old. I have been a very big fan of hers since 1962, and I have every record she made. She was one great singer and I got to meet her when with Dusty we went to do The Grand Gala du Disque in Amsterdam 1968. Dusty got a real kick out of saying to me that she was sitting in the row behind us at rehearsal. Dusty knew that I had always liked Nancy Wilson as I use to stir her about how good Nancy Wilson was. Dusty also knew that I was joking when I teased her. It was fabulous to talk to Nancy, but we never got to meet again in London. As I said she recorded many great songs in her own style and her great voice. I still have all my vinyl record which I can listen to when the mood takes me..
Nancy a great talent who has left behind a wonderful collection of memories.
Your were loved by many adoring fans..
R.I.P. <3 Nancy <3
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Re: R.I.P Nancy Wilson

Postby wally » Mon Dec 17, 2018 7:32 pm

Some fantastic tracks ....How Glad I am ....You Can Have Him jut to name two of my favourites
Wally x
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