A Dusty Top Ten

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A Dusty Top Ten

Postby merric » Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:32 am

I started the non-commercial music website Toppermost http://www.toppermost.co.uk/ in 2013 and we have amassed "top tens" on over 600 artists (but not Dusty - yet!). Not necessarily the most popular tracks or the biggest sellers but a mixture of the undeniable classics or those hidden away on albums. For example, mine would have to include not only Goin' Back but also Summer Is Over and something from "In Memphis". It's a big ask! We have had contributions from over 100 ardent music fans so far. I would be happy to email some simple guidelines if anyone is interested in taking it further - without any commitment. Please contact merric@toppermost.co.uk
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