Maracabamba - The Springfields

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Maracabamba - The Springfields

Postby countrycake » Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:59 pm

As most members will know that The Springfields performed Maracabamba in the film It's All Over Town, which was released in 1964. Paul Howes describes the song, written by Tom Springfield, as 'a Latin-flavoured 'fun' song'.

I was surprised to discover today that the song has been recorded by several other artists. The earliest cover version was by the UK group The Four Pennies, who included it on their 1966 album Mixed Bag. While The Springfields polished off the song in 1'53'', The Four Pennies managed to extend it to a running time of 3'40''.

The next version came about in 1968 when UK group The Freelanders recorded it for the B-side of a single. A truncated clip of their version is on YouTube.

The third version also came in the late 60s from a Scottish group Los Caracas on an EP entitled Viva Los Caracas issued by a small label in Glasgow. I have not been able to find a copy of their recording. However, the group went on to more success on the 70s as Middle of the Road.

There is possibly a fourth version by The Chiffons. Someone posted a video on YouTube of them singing Maracabamba, but I have not been able to verify it is the same song, as YouTube deleted it following a complaint by a copyright owner.

Of all Tom Springfield's songs for the Springfields, I never expected this one to provoke so much interest and I doubt if he did either.
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