Any 1960s era non-TV/radio live recordings in circulation?

Dusty's Recordings and Performances.

Any 1960s era non-TV/radio live recordings in circulation?

Postby dustydimensions » Thu Jul 25, 2019 5:45 am

So I've been taking a good look of various performances from Dusty during the 1960s and while browsing I had heard of the live recordings done by audiences or other sorts during the 1970s, particularly the one at Drury Lane - meanwhile during the 1960s, others have made recordings of her television shows on BBC, ATV/ITV. And BBC themselves were generous enough to allow some of the radio broadcasts of Dusty's music to be released on Spotify and Tidal in the turn of the 2010s. :pensive:

I had read that she did some American concerts at around in 1969 too and there are good listings of her at selected venues...

Are there any 1960s era non-TV/broadcast live concert recordings (audience or audio engineer's reference, etc etc) of Dusty that is tantamount to the recordings of Bill Graham's 1960s recordings with other artists like Wolfgang's/Paste? If so, any possible audio samples from it?

As in non-TV/broadcast recordings, I meant Dusty at a venue, unassociated with specials like the Ivor Novello award and New Musical Express.


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