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Aretha & Dusty

Postby Corinna » Sat Aug 18, 2018 6:29 pm

I'm a big fan of Aretha, and her recent passing has prompted me to listen to her music again. May she rest in peace.

Dusty used to say that she preferred Aretha's phrasing in SOAPM:

“Son Of A Preacher Man was just not good enough. Aretha had been offered it but didn’t record it until after I had, and to this day I listen to her phrasing and go, Goddamit! That’s the way I should have done it: ‘The only one, WHO could ever reach me’ instead of ‘the only one who could EV-er reach me’. Now, if I do it onstage I’ll cop her phrasing! It was a matter of ego, too: if I can’t be as good as Aretha then I’m not gonna do it at all."(

Buuut... Aretha didn't phrase it that way, not on record anyway. :what?: She phrased it: 'The only one who could ever REACH me'. So... where did Dusty get the 'WHO' idea from? Here's two suggestions:

1. Dusty saw Aretha live in May 1968, but that was before Aretha recorded SOAPM. Though, of course, Dusty could have seen Aretha at a later point, and maybe, Aretha phrased the song as Dusty likes to remember.

2. Or maybe Dusty was working on her own phrasing before recording in Memphis (and New York), and at one point considered that particular ¨WHO’ phrasing, and then thinking, ’Nah, sounds too much like Aretha.’ And maybe that stuck? Anyway, that’s two possible explanations.

Now, indulge me and allow me to share this encounter that I’ve dreamed up…

Behind the Pearly Gates, just the other day. Dusty: 'Oh there you are, Aretha! I always meant to tell you how much I admired your phrasing on Son of a Preacherman!' A: 'Gurrrl, I never sang it the way you thought I sang it. That phrasing was your very own invention, you musical genius you. Takes one to know one, y'know? Wink, wink. Now, boys, get us two microphones and crank up the volume cos we're about to give you a rendition of SOAPM that you'll never forget!!!' <3

Cor xx

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Re: Aretha & Dusty

Postby pat.dunham » Sun Aug 19, 2018 8:14 pm

Just a couple of things I heard on radio from tributes to Aretha
When Aretha was working on an early disc with Gerry Wexler at Atlantic, Memphis,there was an argument in the studio and recordings were stopped. Later Gerry took the rhythm section to NY and the vocals were recorded there.
I believe that the last album AF recorded was titled " A Brand New Me ".

Sorry A still prefer SOAPM by Dusty.

R I P.

PS ( See video on "RIP Aretha" thread)
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Pat x
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