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Postby smallworld » Sat May 13, 2017 7:03 pm

Remixed from the multi-tracks? That's exciting to hear. People talk about the big Atlantic fire that destroyed many multi tracks - perhaps the multis from the Philadelphia sessions were stored in Philadelphia. Was the album recorded on 16-track? I hope they give the remixes a big centre (e.g. centre the drums rather than panning them mostly to one channel), akin to the Jeff Barry sessions.

It's wonderful that a lost track ("Sweet Charlie") has been found - that will probably be the biggest selling point of this set for fans.

I wish that Real Gone had found a place for "What Good Is I Love You" on one of their Dusty sets. I'd love to hear both the original mix with Bernard Purdie on drums, and perhaps a remix to centre the drums - I've always thought the track fits well with the Jeff Barry sessions except for the panning of the drums to mostly one channel.

I meant to post this to the Dusty US Abums thread but it seems pertinent here as well. Are some of the Dusty's Philips multitracks actually somewhere in the US? I wonder that because I believe there are some mix differences on the US albums - more pronounced echo etc. - and perhaps the multis were sent over to enable US mixes to be made. That might explain why Philips (UK) apparently used vinyl dubs for their 1990 Dusty CD releases. It would be great to track down the original masters and multis and put out deluxe editions of Dusty's first four albums - the original mono mixes, and perhaps a combination of original stereo mixes and stereo remixes. Real Gone should look into it.
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