Rules and Guidance


Rules and Guidance

Postby Rob » Thu Dec 17, 2009 1:35 pm

This forum has been created for the participation and enjoyment of Dusty fans worldwide. It is a place to share all things related to Dusty as well as other music, humour and life in general.

Freedom of speech comes with responsibilities and you are asked to bear the following rules and guidance in mind when posting.

Debate and expression of opinion is encouraged but arguing and quarrelling is unwelcome. Respect for others is essential and posts should not be obscene, liable to offend or be intolerant of race, religion or sexual orientation. Spamming is not permitted and you should not post copyrighted material. Remember that the forum can be read by anyone and that you are responsible for your words. Password sharing is prohibited.

The internet is a place where total anonymity sometimes leads to unacceptable behaviour. This forum is for real people and sharing such basic information as your name and your country can give others confidence in you. Please complete the member profile(photos are great too,of course). Try to post in the appropriate forum and keep to topic as much as possible, though we know its not always easy.

These rules and guidelines are designed for the protection and benefit of all members and to ensure that everyone feels welcome. Please keep to them.

The forum is collectively run. Administrators and moderators will edit or delete posts if considered necessary. Breaches of these rules will be brought to the attention of the responsible member and repeat offending will put membership at risk. Any decisions to delete membership will be taken jointly. The administrators and moderators will be open and transparent and explain their actions publicly whenever possible

Finally, and most importantly, enjoy the forum! We look forward to your contributions.
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