Celebrating Dusty's legend

Dusty Springfield

Tired of sloppy biographies where errors abound? Rejoice in this blog entry, celebrating the legend that was Dusty: Wow & Flutter

New Home for the Dusty Dress

You may have seen the exclusive story we ran previously concerning the gown which was thought to have belonged to Dusty - this was subsequently proved to be the case. The story told how the gown came to light and ended with plans to keep it on display at the theatrical costumiers. Well, there have been developments since then, which can now be revealed.

A Little Dustyness Rediscovered

In a closet at a theatre costumier business, there was a hidden treasure...

Dusty - her enduring appeal, in the words of her fans

It can be very difficult to define what it is about someone that makes people refer to them as ‘iconic’ or legendary’.

Dusty - portraits by Wendy

At the Let’s Talk Dusty! forum, we are very fortunate in having Wendy Hampson as one of our members.

Being a Dusty fan - a letter to a friend

Let’s Talk Dusty! is fortiunate to have a number of Dusty fans among its membership who have been following Dusty since the heyday of the Sixties.